What we do

Thank you for choosing the Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC., to assist you with your outstanding student loan obligations. Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. will provide you services under federal law to resolve issues with your delinquent student loans. Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. will explore all available options to resolve the delinquency you are facing with repayment of the student loans in an effort to assist you to avoid interception of your tax refunds, garnishments, levies, and/or collection calls. All possible resolutions Including but not be limited to:

  • Establishing an affordable re-payment plan that will enable you to resolve your default situation;
  • Negotiating waiver or late fees and other default charges;
  • Obtaining approval for forbearance and deferment;
  • Negotiating a partial or a complete discharge of your student loan;

The available options and resolutions vary and depend entirely on your individual circumstances.

Client hereby gives Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. limited power of attorney to execute all documents connected with the subject matter of this agreement. Client agrees to execute a limited power of attorney form evidencing this right prior to effective date of this agreement.

Client recognizes that Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. cannot guarantee a particular result or the outcome of any matter. Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. may make suggestions of possible results, strategies and tactics government statistics and government disseminated information including actual results. By singing this agreement, client acknowledges that each case is different and unique and individual results may vary as the result of a wide variety of circumstances.

Client will provide Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. a complete truthful list of all client’s student loans to be resolved, all sources of income, assets, liabilities as well as a complete and accurate budget of expenses and debts and representative statements which are to be reviewed together with information regarding your current overall financial status. Client will cooperate and communicate with Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. during the period of counseling.

Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. will assist the client to address student loans in all statuses, not limited to repayment, deferment, forbearance, in-school, delinquency and default status. The Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. will explore options for an individual plan tailored to unique financial circumstances for the possibilities of compromise, discharge, reasonable and affordable payment plans based on US Department of Education’s rules and guidelines; some examples are Income Based Repayment plan, Income contingent repayment plan, extended repayment plan, and other affordable agreements that will solely be based on individual qualifications of the client.  Care America Student Debt Relief, LLC. will gather the client’s student loan(s) information that will include the Loan Servicers, lenders, guarantors and student loan history, original documentation and breakdown of the outstanding balance and interest rates.